Our mission is to find exceptional leaders who will help our clients to reach their organizational goals.  We strive to develop close partnerships with our clients by providing world class service and following principled business practices based on excellence, honesty and integrity.

We succeed at our mission by:

  • Focusing on our client’s needs and core values and continuing to evolve that business model
  • Continually updating and improving our information systems and quality processes
  • Tracking the latest trends in the healthcare industry and the recruitment industry
  • Providing professionalism and confidentiality in every assignment
  • Following a proven, results-oriented process to identifying candidates
  • Recognizing the need for diversity and inclusion in every search we undertake
  • Tapping into our experience and exclusive network of healthcare experts to assess candidates properly
  • Developing a long-term partnership that can more efficiently address future needs
  • Accepting assignments that align with our firm’s core values of fairness, honesty, diversity and inclusion.


Diversity Statement

We believe that cultural diversity and inclusion adds value to all healthcare organizations and we fully understand that a multi-faceted strategy of recruitment, advancement, and leadership development is necessary to accomplish this goal.  With every assignment, diversity and inclusion are important factors that are considered.  Over 68 percent of our candidate recommendations include women or ethnic minority candidates.  The Whittaker Group Healthcare Consultants complies with all EEOC requirements and is committed to equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, marital status and any other status protected under law.

Current Engagements


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