The Process

Executive search is an intricate process. The professional that is ultimately hired can have a significant long-term effect on your organization. That’s why we focus on finding qualified candidates with unique capabilities and traits that match your organization’s needs.

This requires more effort on our part, but the result is a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship. To attract and successfully recruit key professionals in the industry, we use a unique and in-depth search process.

Management Consulting

We help you to articulate your vision for the future and to define and measure superior performance as it relates to your organization. Ours is a consultative, partnership approach. We don’t simply find candidates — we work with you to find the key team players that you need to prosper in the future.

Tailored Engagement Processes

Every search contains many varied and unique elements, so we tailor our approach based on your unique objectives. Depending on your needs, our search strategy may focus on a national search, a regional search, or on specific competitive organizations. Our expertise is identifying and attracting qualified candidates who compliment your organization’s culture, goals and management style.

Extensive Research

Research is the key to identifying candidates and investigating their credentials and qualifications. Our research team thoroughly analyzes every avenue to provide the broadest platform of qualified candidates who are interested in your opportunity. We use a variety of sources to locate candidates, such as our own proprietary database of over 197,000 resumes, contacting key professionals in the industry and at competitive healthcare organizations, and utilizing the resources of our associate firms nationwide. We make 5,000 to 12,000 contacts during the average search assignment. Once we have completed our indepth interview process and worked closely with your team to finalize the search, you will have a candidate who compliments your objectives both organizationally and culturally.


Once the client and candidate agree to establish a working relationship, we continue our involvement with both parties to ensure a positive and long-term relationship.

Current Engagements


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